Winsted Night & Day

What better way to show the pizzazz of of the USA than glamorous lights and big, beautiful cars? Even a small town like Winsted, CT. had plenty of neon lights, which, according to the American Sign Museum reached the height of their  popularity in 1948, the year of this was filmed. The clip ends with the iconic car of this film, the powder-blue, 1948 Oldsmobile convertible!




4 responses to “Winsted Night & Day

  1. Milly Hudak

    In the “night and day” segment…the old neon sign for the 4 Bells Restaurant is shown. I am in contact with Jack Bell on a regular basis…he will enjoy seeing this. His Dad was owner of this site…it was just beyond the W. T. Grant Store on Main St. Not quite on the corner of Elm.

  2. Ileana (Bonvicini) Santore

    What a fabulous trip! I grew up in Torrington and didn’t know any of the wonderful folks in these clips (I was 3 at the time), but it was oh! so reminiscent of my own Paganini-Bonvicini family photographs and memories! I knew Louie Cornelio (a friend of my sister Joan’s) and Phyllis (who was my Realtor when I bought my family home in 1977… still living here, too!)… makes my heart yearn for the good old days! Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing it.

  3. John David DeCarlo

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this website because it gave me a chance to touch my family’s roots a bit. My Dad, Alphonse DeCarlo was born & raised in Winsted. His father’s name was John DeCarlo (whom I was named after), and I only know that he had a restaurant in town at the time this film was made, I think. Carmen Gozzo was a cousin. Dad’s sister was named Mary DeCarlo. If anyone knew the DeCarlo family, I’d certainly like to hear from you. Thanks for the look back.

  4. Deb Gage

    In this film you see a restaurant with 4 bells in blue lights on top. It was called the 4 bells restaurant. It was owned by Grace and Jimmy Bell who lived on Highland Lake.
    My Mom and Dad were very good friends with them and told many wonderful stories about the 4 bells…

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