Lively Ladies – “Via con me”

This is the opening of the second reel which includes the wonderful picnic scenes with all the families. We loved the way the lively ladies in this clip promenade by and thought Paolo Conte’s jaunty music makes a good accompaniment!

The gentleman talking to the camera at the beginning was the secretary of  the Garibaldi  Society in Winsted, but is as yet unidentifed. If you can help with any of the men in this photo, please leave a comment here.


3 responses to “Lively Ladies – “Via con me”

  1. Milly Hudak

    I believe the unidentified man could be a Santoro

    • Zina M. Jensen

      I discovered this site about a year ago while searching for information about Floridia, Sicily – Xiuidia, as my grandparents called it. I grew up in Winsted, in the 50’s and 60’s in three houses: my mother’s and my place on Prospect St., my grandparents’ home on Cornelio Avenue, and my ZiZi Jo & Uncle Leo’s house on the corner of Prospect and Birdsall Streets. My grandparents were Salvo and Maria Cavarra Bascetta. I saw a post written by my cousin, Roberta Lown Bascetta, that identified our aunt, Ernestine Bascetta, as “Zizi Ernie”, the woman hanging out the wash. Ernie hated the anglicism of her beautiful name Concettina. Ernie was my mother’s sister and my godmother. I am the eldest of the four cousins and my grandparents, as well as most of the aunts and uncles, helped my mother, “Babe” Bascetta Higgins, to raise me. I could write a book about growing up in Winsted, in a family that spoke our Sicilian language much more than English at home – something for which I am profoundly grateful. I remember the Floor of ’55 vividly. I remember my cousin Roberta had just been born – but her parents piled the two older pre-schoolers and the infant into the car and drove from South Carolina to Connecticut make sure that their families were safe after the disaster. There is much to tell here – maybe on another post. However, I am able to identify a number of the people in the segment entitled “Lively Ladies”. There are some gaps – faces I recognize but whose names I can’t connect. In order of appearance, those I’ve recognized are: Mr. Santoro, who owned and operated the shoe repair business on Main St. in the Cornelio Ave. block at the foot of what we always called the Church Hill. His son, Joe Santoro, worked in there with him, and eventually took over the business for many years thereafter. Joe was married to Gigi Santoro, the wonderful hairdresser and they had three children. We all went to Saint Anthony’s School and played together – got into some mischief together too as I recall – much to all our grandmothers’ chagrin. Following Mr. Santoro in the clip is my aunt Josephine Bascetta Consiglio (Zizi Jo) – smiling and nodding her head a lot. Also seen are my Zizi Mary Bascetta, our dear friend Miss Jay Romano (sister of Lucy Romano Iacino – of wedding cake fame), and my mother, whom most people addressed as “Babe” in those days. Then: Zizi Jo Consiglio again, Mrs. Sidoti, and among the men, my Uncle Leo Consiglio – husband of Zizi Jo. The three beauties goofing off at the end of the segment are my mother, Babe, Jay Romano, and my Zizi Mary. Mary and Jay were consummate comediennes, and spent more than a little of their time through those years involved in putting on vaudeville / minstrel style shows at the Garibaldi Society and the Italian American Women’s Club. *The “Zizi” title for our aunts resulted from a toddler’s inability to say “Zia” correctly. That toddler was me: Zina Maria (Bascetta) Higgins Jensen. I have been married now for almost 37 years, have two grown, married sons, and four grandchildren. I am a long time foreign language teacher of both Spanish and French. I owe my talent in languages to the wonderful people in my family who spoke to me in our family’s Sicilian language, while also insisting that I learn to speak the “king’s English” as well. Cornelio Avenue was my home, and having read the post from Anita Veneziano (whose grandmother I remember very well), I just wanted to say hello to those of you who remember too. I will continue to research Floridia, and if I unearth anything helpful to help fill in the blanks, I will pass it along. Ciao a tutti.

    • Zina M. Jensen

      One more identification…the lady in blue, in “Lively Ladies”, I believe is Mary Correnti who lived in the Hartford area. She and her husband were close friends and frequent visitors at the home of Jo and Leo Consiglio.

      Correction to type-o in my 1st post: Flood of ’55

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