Markets – Alimentari


Bascetta Family 1948 Winsted

Bascetta Family 1948 Winsted

This clip features Bazzano, Lentini, Carnevalini, Bascetta, Sidoti, Formica and Marino establishments. The family portait of the Bascetta family above is especially wonderful; I hope relatives find this page!


5 responses to “Markets – Alimentari

  1. Anita Panagakos

    This whole documentary is amazing… I will contact the families I know and send it to them… Thank you. This has brought a renewd inspiration and hope to my heart for this town.

    The people have always welcomed us here…We are Italians from New Jersey and Have always connected with our paesanos here in Winsted.. They have always had a family spirit to share…
    Thank you again

  2. Bob Peetz

    These are wonderful pictures / videos. I’m certain I’ve been in most of these stores at least one time. It’s too bad Winsted is not still the vibrant city it once was.
    Bob Peetz (Gilbert High class of 1965)

    • Jean Dudley Hoagland

      Bob Peetz,
      That is a name from my past for sure. We visited at your home frequently for many years when you lived on Williams Ave. My sister , Judy , and I have fond memories of those years.

  3. Josie Fiducia English

    This is truly amazing and so appreciated. Thank you for putting this together for all of us to enjoy. I was able to see my grandfather, Giuseppe Fiducia and my dad, Angelo Fiducia in the above Market clips. They were standing in front of J Bascetta & Son Italian American Market; my dad was the young man who was waving.

  4. Dr. Linda Tribuzio

    Beautiful films!! So glad I found them. My family is from Farmington.
    Best wishes!

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