“Liquori” Package Stores

This clip shows the Petrunti, Landi, Correnti, Gozzo and Cornelio liquor stores, with the owners and some family out front of each shop. Rosario Gozzo, with the big bottle, was some joker! 

To show how much times have changed, the vocal music we used here is by a popular group from sixty years ago who actually called themselves The Gaylords!

 A pre-rock vocal trio, the Gaylords had a series of hits with novelty-flavored material and Italian-derived love songs. In its day it was highly commercial fare that was cleanly executed and unreserved sentimental, wearing its heart on its sleeve as surely as excess tomato sauce on a napkin. 


One response to ““Liquori” Package Stores

  1. thanks for the clips…the last one in the package store was my grandfather joesph cornelio and I was able to share it for my mother…

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