Family Names – Picnic

The second reel of the original film was largely of the Italian-American picnic. Many people were not only shown but identified on screen. We created this as the final sequence in our 2009 version to honor those families, their relatives and descendants.

If your family name appears in this clip and you do not yet own the DVD, you can get one with your donation to the Carmine Cornelio Scholarship Fund.

Your family or family business may not appear in this section, but in first reel of the film. To see a complete list of the people and scenes as compiled Northwestern Conn. Community College, click here.

However,  I have been told by Rosario Gozzo‘s granddaughter, Corrine Landi, that there are several errors in that list, but it is the only one that has been attempted. Winsted historians, are you listening? 😉


3 responses to “Family Names – Picnic

  1. jo

    I worked with a nurse named almarinda cornelio.. any relation? i absolutely loved the film

  2. Sal Harrington

    I can’t remember what ” Duke” Bassetta’s name was does any know?
    I have some old photos my grandfather and grandmother and Nanni Formica when they went hunting with my Dad and killed a deer and were “dressing” it on Chesnut St. I remember these photos like they were taken yesterday!!!
    Once again you all have brought back many, many treasured memories; Even though I was only a year old at the time the movie was made!!!! The names, homes, stores,buildings ect. are great. My own family, kids and grandkids marvel at the way things were back then. Keep it up.
    I guess its the way we were brought up back then, when family was the most important part of our lives

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