Main St.

The opening sequence of the film is much appreciated by local town historians, as it shows Main Street before it was devasted by the catastrophic floods of 1955.

This clip, which may be slow to load, is nine minutes long.  Carmine Cornelio appears behind the wheel of  a gorgeous powder blue Oldsmobile. It appears that the professional crew must have  mounted the camera on the hood of the car for this sequence. Music was added and additional minor editing was done on this clip from the 2009 version.

The initial sequence takes place at the Winchester Soldier’s Monument; fascinating details about the historical and artistic value of that site can be found here.


16 responses to “Main St.

  1. Tilda Renza Jones

    Thank you so much for sharing this film with me. I was able to sit with my 15 year old son and we viewed it together, pointing out places we recognize and I was able to tell him what was there years ago. Maybe not in 1948 ( before my time) but what businesses were in town then and when I grew up during the 70’s. I hope you don’t mind that I share this with friends and family. Again, thank you for a piece of my history

  2. Anita Panagakos

    From The Following link, You can identify the soldier used as a model for the top of Soldiers Monument, as Coloniel Samuel B. Horne. We own his house and was told this by townespeople at the time we first purchased it; before the internet was around.

    • My uncle told me that at the beginning of WWII he was sent up to the monument on the night shift as an airplane spotter to watch for signs of German planes. Some Germans had in fact landed in New Jersey….

  3. Andrew

    As a resident of Winsted my whole life, I must say that this footage is simply astounding. To see the similarities and differences and to find out how much Main St. has changed over the years is almost surreal. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Phyllis Cornelio

    I have not looked at this film for many years! I found it to be most enjoyable and remember when it was filmed.

    It was a big event when the photographers and movie people came to Winsted to film this event.

    Great job in making this film!

  5. Bill Caputo

    What great memories i have of Winsted i am 54 and have been visiting Winsted that long when i was young my grandparents owned a farm on torringford st . and my Uncle a gas station on main st. it was so much fun . My parents Lived in town on the farm in the early 50s and my sister won a beauty contest that was held in the park she was about 2 or 3 at the time . the film was great

  6. Fran Hodgson

    The Cornelios were my neighbors in Winsted. I always remember the nice new cars in their yard.

  7. With permission of the producers of this film and site, I plan to put a link to it on my new, online Winsted “paper” – -so more people can link to it and enjoy it!
    Having grown up in Winsted in the ’50s and ’60s, I remember many of the family-owned businesses along Main Street then and the proprietors who worked hard to make their stores and businesses work successfully – for them and for us.
    We should start rebuilding now, reinvesting, while also looking back and enjoying.

  8. lynette (barber) bell

    i could sit for many more hours and view similar films of winsted in the 1940’s, although my childhood memories have their start in the 1950’s, post flood. the 1940’s was my parents’ (jim and connie (dickson) barber) time – when they were in their 20’s, marrying and starting their family; and i find i am mesmerized by it. i love to hear their stories and memories as much as i enjoy remembering my own. i think of my childhood growing up in winsted as perfect! it was a small, close -knit community where it really happened that ‘the community as a whole raised the children’ – with strong families at the center, of course. thanks, brother jeff for passing this site along to me up in maine.

  9. Bob Peetz

    I have not been to Winsted in many years, but my memories of growing up there are refreshed by these pictures and videos. I vividly remember the great flood of ’55, and how the place changed after that. Lynette is absolutely correct – it was a great place to grow up in the 50s. Everyone who ever “marched” in the Pet Parade or played in the streets and playgrounds of Winsted should have the chance to see these great pictures. My thanks, too, to Jeff Barber for sharing these with me.

  10. Lona Parsons

    Loved watching this video. Though I grew up in Litchfield, I remember coming to Winsted with my father after the flood to bring fresh water to the residents there. I later married a Winsted born and bred. Great film.

  11. Mike Snyder

    Thank you for nine wonderful minutes. A latecomer to Winsted I was attracted by the community college, but I think I learned a lot more from working at Winsted Memorial Hospital and living at Dr. Church’s animal hospital down on Route 44. One summer I was the lifeguard at Toby Pond, another found me at Woodstock. Those were great times. Forty-one years ago and experiences remain as sharp as if only days had passed. I’m grateful for having been able to live and work with so many absolutely wonderful people.

  12. I love viewing this. I just started a blog about vintage living and hope I can share this there.

  13. Sal Harrington

    Being born in Winsted was a great experience for me; I’ll never forget it and the time I spent there. Our roots go back to Floridia, Italy too, and my grandparents lived right around the corner on Chestnut St.
    I was born in 48′, just after the film was made, and I can still remember the music comming out of the Garabaldi Hall, the smell of pizza from Benny Nero’s, and running to DiMartino’s store for a popcicle. Those were the days that I’ll always cherish and be proud of
    They say that you can never go back to your old home town, but that’s not true. I have taken my family back “home” with me several times, and now that they are grown, they want to go back too! A true testament to that to that somthing that will always be there; pride.

  14. This film is a gift! It is the only video that I have of my late dear father Vito, in his youth. It is also wonderful to see my late Aunts, Uncles, friends and citizens of Winchester who were the foundation of our community and who, unfortunately, are no longer with us. Thanks to the Cornelio family for their extreme unselfishness in sharing this tremendous film with so many. God bless you

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