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This site was created to share the film my grandfather, Carmine E. Cornelio, had taken in 1948 in Winsted Connecticut.  His intention was to create a film to take back to his hometown in Sicily with a dual purpose: to allow people there to once again see the faces of their relatives, and also to show them the successful life of the “American Dream.”

The idea of having a film specifically made to bring back to Italy to tell a story is enough to make this film novel and compelling. But it is the local character of the film that gives it such “cuore,” such a heart.

Our hope is that the faces of the people and the places in this small town with a large population of Italian immigrants will speak to you across time in this newly edited version. While it is a local story, the experience that it embodies is common to many of those who came through Ellis Island to the United States in search of a better life. This film is offered as a small tribute to them.

Read about the Winsted premiere here!



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